Convert VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV & 8mm (Hi8) to DVD

Preserving your video memories is something many of us need to do. We are in the digital age now and film and tape are soon to be a thing of the past. So preserving your video memories Like many people you probably pull out your old VHS, S-VHS or Digital High 8mm tapes and remeniss about weddings, your first child being born, graduations, reunions and many other special events. The fact over time your video tape will fade and the color run and eventually will no longer be viewable. 

FACT: Many production facilities are phasing out converting over old tapes and switching exclusively to digital media formats.

You do not have too lose those memories. Let Visual-Concepts preserve those memories for you. We have the capability to convert over your old VHS, S-VHS or Digital High 8mm tapes and put them on DVD so you can enjoy those precious memories forever. 

We transfer tapes to DVD

Digitally convert your VHS, SVHS and VHS-C videotapes to DVD and bring your family video memories back to life. 

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*Transfer services for VHS & SVHS to DVD, Hi8 to DVD, VHS-C to DVD & Mini DV to DVD

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